The Full Moon December 2023 makes us super sensitive – and warns that all is not as it seems

The final Full Moon of December 2023 is upon us – and it’s the perfect bookend to this year that began with a Cancer Full Moon on January 6th. 

Anytime the Moon is in Cancer, nostalgia often reigns supreme, and you’ll find yourself and others reflecting on the last year and its various highs and lows. As the calendar days wind down to 2024, we may be tempted to brand the year definitively, meaning as a success or failure, but we’d be wise to hold back as our minds and moods may shift after this lunation perfects. 

Revelations are always made during a Full Moon – but with this one, it may not be the ones we think have presented themselves. Trust your gut – and know that if you feel anxious and activated, that’s not your intuition speaking, but likely a dysregulated nervous system. Messages from within will feel calm, peaceful, and matter-of-fact, so be sure to listen to those signals instead of succumbing to reactivity or wishful thinking.

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