The Full Moon November 2023 is in Gemini and deliberately pushes us out of our comfort zone

It’s easy to feel discouraged no matter what you do or don’t do during this intense Full Moon of November 2023. But the remedy can always be found in the Moon. 

What does a Gemini Moon invite us to consider? To remain curious, consider the possibilities, and not draw any firm conclusions. Get more information. Talk to someone who’s been through what you’ve been through. Then talk to someone who hasn’t. Impulsivity and caution exist on a spectrum – and your next action will fall somewhere on that line. 

Remember that we can come to conclusions during a Full Moon and despite the discomfort any personal revelations can bring, there is an opportunity to depersonalize any decision you can make as a reflection of your identity or instead, see it as an essential part of your story. Think of the possibilities like a plot twist and you’re the main character. Script it out and see which story you’re more willing to follow along with.

(Image credit: Manuel Breva Colmeiro/Getty Images)

When is the Full Moon November 2023?