The new Fallout trailer “cordially invites” you to the apocalypse

Prime Video and Kilter Films have debuted a hugely exciting new trailer for
their upcoming Fallout TV series.

Based on the epic video game franchise, the series will tell the
story of ‘optimistic’ Vault Dweller Lucy (Ella Purnell) trying to make her way
through the ‘twisted and dangerous world of the irradiated wasteland’ left
behind 200 years after the apocalypse.

As you can see in the detailed trailer below, there’s also a
look at two new characters, Moldaver (Sarita Choudhury) and Ma June (Dale
Dickey), plus plenty of stuff that Fallout lovers will recognise – not to mention the show also features a cast including Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins, Moisés Arias and Kyle MacLachlan.

Prime have confirmed that Fallout will arrive one
day earlier than planned – it’s now premiering on April 11 – with all
episodes dropping at once.

Check out the trailer below: