The Regime: What happened to Oskar and what’s in his popsicles?

The Regime’s third episode closes with the sidelining of Chancellor Elena Vernham (Kate Winslet) close advisor, as she takes back control. But before she does, we see Agnes’ son Oskar collapse backstage at the Heroes banquet. 

In episode two of HBO’s latest dark satire The Regime, we see the extent of the toxic relationship between the Chancellor and the troubled soldier Herbert Zubak (Matthias Schoenaerts). Despite knowing that Herbert was involved in a shooting that left 12 people dead and him beating up his mother, the Chancellor seems to regard him as her closest advisor, taking his opinions above those of her long-standing cabinet. She takes his advice on everything from diplomatic relations to health choices, such as changing her medication to home remedies from his village. However, it’s not just her medication that she orders to be changed but also that of those around her, including the son she “co-parents” with her palace manager Agnes (Andrea Riseborough). 

As viewers continue to witness the co-dependency embedded in Herbert and Elena’s relationship, many in the palace try to work around Zubak’s growing influence. Elena’s husband, Nicholas (Guillaume Gallienne), and ministers plot a way to get rid of the soldier. Meanwhile, Agnes sneaks around, trying to get medication for her son. But Vernham and Zubak’s relationship reaches a climax as the Chancellor turns on her closest advisor to make a trade deal with China and Oskar (Louie Mynett) visibly suffers under the soldier’s herbal remedies. But what exactly happens to Oskar in The Regime at the banquet?

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