The rise of Halestorm, as told through their most important gigs

“Oh, it was crazy! We didn’t have any connections or influential relatives in the business – we didn’t understand how the people behind the GRAMMYs had even heard of us. So, we were headlining Madison’s Majestic Theatre and I had slowed things down, doing a few ballads at the piano. Joe [Hottinger, guitar] was offstage and opened a text from our sound guy. I was still talking, introducing a song, when he ran up to me and said, ‘Guess what? We just got nominated for a GRAMMY!’ [for Love Bites (So Do I) in the 2013 Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance category]. I kinda went blank, and the audience went quiet. I then turned to the crowd and told them what Joe had said, and the reaction was so intense it was like the roof blew off. We were just floating from then on. I can hardly remember the rest of the show. Afterwards I called my mom and told her the news. She said, ‘Well, you deserve it and you’re gonna have a great night at the award ceremony.’ I was like, ‘Mom, you’re coming with me!’ We’d joked about it in the past, but now it was real. It was a lovely time, and it was even better when we actually won.”