The Sound Of 2024: The new artists redefining alternative music

Eating clean? Working out? Cutting back on all that booze? The old classic New Year’s resolutions might take a couple of inches off your waistband or add a few extra points to your PB in the gym, but we’ve got one that’ll actually brighten the dark days of January and properly put a little spring in your step: getting onboard early with the artists about to turbocharge alternative music in 2024.

From skull-crushing heaviness to mind-bending-weirdness and everything in between, every nook, cranny and cutting edge in our world is packed with character and colour right now. As emblematic as the kerraaannnggg of a cranked-up guitar remains, the sounds of spit bars, wobbling synths and jangling experimentalism are just as likely to raise goosebumps – and stoke the genre-busting inclusivity, horizon-chasing ambition and pulse-quickening excitement we’ve grown to treasure.

Within that, there are literally thousands of rising acts out there deserving of your time and attention. But, from ALT BLK ERA to Zeph, we’ve narrowed the list down to 24 of the hardest and hottest that you absolutely need on your radar over the hectic next 12 months…