WARGASM: “We don’t give a f*ck about winning people over. This is for us and our fans. That’s all that matters”

For a bit, anyway. First thing in 2024, WARGASM are off to Japan.

“We just kind of keep moving,” says Sam. “Never let them catch you standing still.”

On the day Kerrang! hooks up with the twosome, they’re in Haarlem, in the Netherlands, between stops on their massive Euro tour with BABYMETAL. Most days off have featured a headline show of their own. On a rare evening without a gig, last night they went to see The Prodigy in Amsterdam (“Fucking amazing,” is the verdict), while Sam went shopping for luggage as a present for his bandmate’s upcoming birthday.

Even at the final squeeze of a year that’s had them at home for an amount of time that one wonders if it wouldn’t be more financially prudent to sack off having a fixed address altogether, both Milkie and Sam burst with energy today. Never the shyest of wallflowers anyway, they also radiate the confidence that comes with knowing you’re onto something. “Playing live sharpens you like a blade,” says Sam, noting that, “We’ve got pretty fucking good live now – I don’t have to think about what my left hand’s doing on guitar or whatever. If I see something going on in the crowd, I can go and get involved, sing with someone, and make the night about creating those special moments.”

So many gigs and so many road miles have WARGASM tallied since the return of live music after COVID, in fact, that their seemingly constant movement and presence on festival bills made it easy to almost forget that… where’s the album?

“There was a point at the beginning of the year when we didn’t even think that it would be able to come out this year,” explains Milkie. “Just because there always seems to be complications with labels and distributors, and all these people who don’t seem to be able to do their fucking job anymore, for whatever reason. Yes, you can print that!”

“It’s very strange, because in some ways, it’s been a very quick process to create. In other ways, it’s been a very long process to create,” muses Sam. “If you look at it on a timeline, technically it was in the works for a year and a half. However, throughout that year and a half, it was never really, ‘Sit down and work on the album.’ It was, ‘Come off tour, spend a week in the studio, go back on tour, come off tour, spend five days in the studio…’”