Watch Bring Me The Horizon play Diamonds Aren’t Forever with Olli Appleyard

Bring Me The Horizon have had Noah Sebastian out onstage with them every night of their current NX_GN tour, and now the band have brought out fellow support act Static Dress’ frontman Olli Appleyard for a throwback performance during their headline set.

With Bad Omens’ Noah joining Oli Sykes and co. every time for 2013’s Antivist, Static Dress vocalist Olli also made an appearance last night (January 17) at the Liverpool M&S Bank Arena to travel back in time even further, performing Diamonds Aren’t Forever from Horizon’s 2008 second album Suicide Season.

This of course followed Static Dress’ opening set on the night, and it isn’t actually the first time Olli’s performed with the band: at 2022’s Malta Weekender, Bring Me played an entire throwback set, and Olli came out for a crushing Alligator Blood.

Speaking to Kerrang! last year about becoming friends with Horizon, having been a huge fan of them since he was a youngster, Olli enthused: “These are the people I idolised, and now they’re shouting us out and I’m onstage with them. We don’t tend to get starstruck as a band, but there were a good few moments last year when I was sat with them thinking about my music taste and how everything I have is basically because of these people.

“…I realised they’re just completely normal people who we’re now good friends with. They just happen to be in one of my favourite bands. That whole thing is just really, really nice.” Awww!

Check out fan-shot footage of Diamonds Aren’t Forever below: