Watch the video for Lynks’ new single, (What Did You Expect From) Sex…

Lynks has just shared a brand-new single and video, (What Did You Expect From) Sex With A Stranger.

Given the song’s title it’s little wonder that this comes from a very honest place from the electro-pop rising star, with Lynks sharing of the inspiration behind it: “Now, Grindr can be a wonderful thing – don’t get me wrong. But I wrote this song during a time when I was using Grindr almost like TikTok or Instagram; as a way to distract myself from reality – to not be alone with my thoughts. And, unsurprisingly, the sex that came from that wasn’t hugely fulfilling. I was seeking these encounters to try and distract myself from the mundanity of life, but ultimately leaving them feeling no different.

“I wanted to try and capture that weird oxymoron; sex without feeling, romance in a coma,” Lynks adds. “What does sex become when it’s devoid of emotion? Transactional? Routine? Obligatory? Compulsive? It’s a funny idea. And one I hadn’t really heard put to music before. So I thought I’d better do it! And shout out the Docklands Light Railway in the process.”

(What Did You Expect From) Sex With A Stranger follows July’s equally excellent USE IT OR LOSE IT, and arrives ahead of plenty of 2024 touring plans for Lynks – including a UK headline run that kicks off in Margate on April 12, and wraps up in Cambridge on April 24.

Watch the video below.