We didn’t expect Julia Roberts’ iconic 1991 Golden Globes outfit to be back in style in 2024 – but it is

Real talk: has Julia Roberts ever gotten it wrong?

The Pretty Woman icon is, thankfully, back to doing what she does best after something of a hiatus away from the movies, recently starring in a romcom with George Clooney and gripping Netflix viewers with the mystery drama, Leave the World Behind.

While we’re happy to have her back on the screens, it also means we get more legendary Julia Roberts fashion moments, like her monochromatic style while promoting her latest Netflix hit.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Very rarely buying into extreme trends (that quickly burn out and often leave people cringing years down the line, which is why we’re quick to heed the deadly serious advice she’s sharing with her own teenagers) and focusing on a capsule collection and timeless looks, Julia Roberts’s best looks over the years would still look great for an outfit today, whether you were going out for catch-up drinks with your friends or wanting to look sophisticated for an event.