Weezer are “putting ideas together” for Blue Album anniversary…

With Weezer’s debut record celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2024, frontman Rivers Cuomo has promised that they are already working on some big birthday plans.

The band’s beloved Blue Album was released on May 10, 1994, and next year it’ll be re-released as a “deluxe package”, according to the singer. On top of that, they’re planning “some kind of epic tour”, which will seemingly follow Weezer’s co-headline run with The Smashing Pumpkins over here in the summer.

Speaking with Collider, Rivers reveals, “We’re putting ideas together… It’s just this tidal wave of passion. So, we are going to give it its due respect and come out with a really amazing deluxe package with a bunch of additional material, and of course, we’ve gotta do some kind of epic tour.”

Slightly more specifically, he adds: “I think the public tour dates cut off in June and then there’s this very suspicious blank space in our calendar for months after that, so I’d keep your eye on that.”

If that’s not enough Weezer fun for you, in the meantime all four members of the band – Rivers along with Patrick Wilson, Scott Shriner and Brian Bell – appear in Netflix’s new Christmas film Family Switch, which is out now.

Weezer fan and director McG recently told Tudum of getting the band involved: “Rivers just came from a two-week silence retreat and is Harvard educated. He’s a terribly introspective man of few words. And I’m out there freaking out and jumping up and down and overextending my welcome at all times. We were sort of the fire and the ice, if you will. It made for a perfectly agreeable cup of water.”