Who did Kate and William date before each other and are Lola Airdale-Cavendish-Kincaid and Rupert Finch real people?

In season 6 part 2 of The Crown the Prince and Princess of Wales were kicking off their time at St Andrews by dating some fellow students, but who were these people in real life? and Who did Kate and William date before each other?

Season 6 episode 2 of The Crown delved into Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romantic history before they met and began dating one another at university. In the episode, Prince William is encouraged to get ‘stuck in’ to university life, which he claims is all about sex and jokes that it’s prime time to ‘sire some illegitimate bast*rds.’ The Prince seems to take this advice to heart as he then meets a girl named Lola at a party and the pair begin dating and kissing in the streets of his university town.