Who is Doreen in Call the Midwife, who plays her and how many episodes is she in?

Viewers of Call the Midwife are loving the most recent episode of the show as season 13 kicked off with a bang!

Call The Midwife season 13 debuted on Sunday 7th January 2024 at 8pm on BBC One and fans were completely besotted with Doreen, a new character who guest starred in the first episode. 

In the show, Doreen, a woman with disabilities, found that she was just two weeks away from giving birth after getting slightly muddled with the dates of her pregnancy. Although she and her boyfriend, the family’s piano tuner, were excited about the pregnancy, Doreen’s mother Ada was shocked to find that her daughter was pregnant and felt that because of her disability, she shouldn’t be sexually active or having a child. 

(Image credit: BBC)

The episode focused on Doreen’s mother’s concerns for her daughter being autonomous, and the guilt Sister Julienne held for being the person to help Ada give birth to Doreen all those years ago when there were several complications. Although Sister Julienne felt guilty she realised that she was devaluing Doreen’s life simply because she was differently abled.