Who is Oskar in The Regime? And who are his real parents?

The first two episodes of HBO and Sky Atlantic’s new TV series, The Regime, starring Oskar winner Kate Winslet, have viewers hooked on HBO’s new dark satire. But one question everyone’s asking is: Is Oskar Elena and Nicholas’ son? 

In The Regime, Winslet portrays Chancellor Elena Vernham, the ruler of a crumbling authoritarian regime in a fictional European country. The political satire TV series takes viewers into the palace over the course of a year to witness the dysfunctional and shut-in Chancellor be introduced to troubled soldier Herbert Zubak (Matthias Schoenaerts), with whom she draws a strange connection. The first two episodes show Zubak’s growing influence on Elena as she grapples with a personal illness while trying to hold on to her power as a leader and while those around her become more alarmed by the presence of Zubak.