Who was Julie Burnell and why was the Vera season 13 finale dedicated to her?

Vera fans might be wondering who Julie Burnell was as the Vera season 13 finale shared a special dedication to her.

Vera season 13 drew to an emotional end on 21st January with an episode that saw plenty of heart-wrenching moments, both within and outside of the case DCI Stanhope was investigating. Alongside her usual role as determined detective, she was also there offering support and advice to DI Joe Ashworth. Bringing the series to an end was a heart-to-heart between the two and whilst many could have been left wondering if there will be another season of Vera, that’s not the only poignant moment to have caught fans’ attention. Before the credits started to roll, a dedication appeared on screen for the finale episode in memory of Julie Burnell.  

Who was Julie Burnell and why was the Vera season 13 finale dedicated to her? 

Julie Burnell was the Head of Production for Drama at ITV Studios which produces Vera and, as listed on IMDB, she was also the Production Executive for seven episodes of the show between 2011-2022. Very sadly, Julie passed away last year and the Vera finale dedication read, “In memory of Julie Burnell 1957-2023”. According to RadioTimes.com, ITV explained that the production team on Vera wanted to pay special tribute to Julie who was “much loved” and remembered by so many people.

(Image credit: ITV STUDIOS FOR ITV1)

“Julie was a much loved and brilliant woman. Professionally, she was a leader in her field, and many remember her as a supportive and fair mentor,” they stated. “We all wanted to honour her memory.”