Who was the real King James VI from Mary & George and is his character accurate?

King James VI is a key character in Sky Atlantic’s new TV series, Mary & George, but is this portrayal true to life?  

James VI of Scotland and I of England was a historical figure who reigned over both countries from 1603 until his death on March 27th, 1625. The new series, Mary & George, focuses on a mother and son duo Mary and George Villiers who are played by Julianne Moore (May December) and Nicholas Galitzine (Red, White & Royal Blue) and their relationship with King James VI played by Tony Curran. 

The story suggests that the King was romantically entangled with many men outside of his marriage and suggests the King’s reign was ruled by his infatuation with different suitors. But how accurate is this? Here’s what you need to know about the real King James VI…

(Image credit: Sky)

Who was King James VI?