Why did Tom cut his fingernails at the end of Deadwater Fell? That confusing final detail explained

Here’s what you need to know about the fingernail cutting in Deadwater Fell, as fans are perplexed by this final detail.

Originally airing on Channel 4 back in 2020, Deadwater Fell is the new series that everyone is talking about which stars David Tennant as the lone survivor after his wife and three children are murdered. Deadwater Fell is proving to be one of the best thriller series added to Netflix, with viewers eager to race towards Deadwater Fell’s shocking ending and trying to find more about where Deadwater Fell is set. The series is delighting and shocking fans, but some have been a little surprised by the final moments, particularly the fingernail clipping scene. Here’s what you need to know…

*Warning, there are spoilers ahead!

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Why did Tom cut his fingernails off in Deadwater Fell?