Why isn’t Call the Midwife on tonight and when is the next episode airing?

“Why isn’t Call the Midwife on tonight?” might be the question on your mind if you’ve been excitedly waiting for episode 7 of season 13 – only to find it’s moved in the schedule.

If you’ve only just discovered how to watch Call the Midwife then you’ve been missing out on 12 years of poignant stories and heart-warming moments. The latest season certainly hasn’t disappointed and it’s left us wondering everything from does Fred Buckle die in Call the Midwife to what’s going to happen to Nurse Trixie and her husband Matthew Aylward? This couple took a particularly key role in the events of episode 6 which aired on 11th February in the UK. However, fans will just have to wait to see what lies in store for them in episode 7 as Call the Midwife‘s next episode isn’t airing in its usual scheduling slot.