Will there be Annika series 3 to resolve *that* heart-wrenching series 2 cliffhanger moment for DI Annika Strandhed?

We need an Annika series 3 after the series 2 ending brought the hit Alibi drama to a close with a revelation that keeps the door open for another instalment. 

If atmospheric crime dramas are your ultimate go-to and you’ve already found out how to watch Shetland and made your way through it, then Annika is another Scottish-set drama well worth checking out. Some fans might have to wait a little longer hoping Annika season 2 will be on BBC at some point but anyone who’s watched it all on Alibi is likely on tenterhooks waiting for news about a possible Annika series 3 at this point. The second season ended with a major cliffhanger for DI Annika Strandhed as the final case gained a shocking new suspect.