Will there be Shetland series 9 and what could it be about? All we know after the series 8 finale

The possibility of a Shetland series 9 is something long-time fans of the BBC crime drama will be wondering about now that series 8 has ended.

The recently-aired Shetland ending delivered all the emotional twists and turns we were hoping to receive in series 8 and now the question of the BBC drama’s future is likely on many fans’ minds. Whether you’ve only just discovered how to watch Shetland series 8 or not, the latest series answered most of the burning questions. The only major ones left now are whether there’ll be a Shetland series 9 and, if so, whether Ashley Jensen’s DI Ruth Calder would be in it after making her debut in series 8. Here we reveal all we know right now about whether there’ll be a Shetland series 9, including what it could be about.

*Warning: spoilers ahead*

(Image credit: BBC/Silverprint Pictures/Jamie Simpson)

Will there be Shetland series 9?