Zetra announce debut album, release new single with Svalbard’s Serena…

Zetra have announced their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album.

The enigmatic duo will be unveiling the 10-track Zetra on September 13 via Nuclear Blast, featuring guest appearances from Sólveig Matthildur, Unto Others’ Gabriel Franco and Svalbard’s Serena Cherry.

And their collab with Serena has just been released to mark the announcement. In their usual cryptic tones, the band share of the track (which goes by the name Starfall): “The sky illuminates as the meteors begin their cataclysmic descent through the firmament. Starfall. The second chapter of our realisation emerges. The unveiling of our Opus 1, Zetra continues. Starfall.

“We are united on this journey with the supernatural force that is Serena Cherry of Svalbard. Begin to know.”

Watch the video below: